Getting priorities right

October 25, 2017

The course of a Seymour East creek winds its way under the Goulburn Valley Hwy near the Light Horse Park entrance, under Kobyboyn Rd beside the cemetery, under Delatite Rd near the abandoned school then under Wimble St before merging with Whiteheads Creek.

Just as it is the right of residents and visitors to walk along public ways, so it is the Shire’s responsibility to provide safe pathways along town streets.

In Delatite Rd there is a footbridge for pedestrians at the aforementioned creek, but Wimble St pedestrians have no such footbridge, and they must step onto the roadway proper in order to negotiate the same creek.

In the possible event of a pedestrian being struck and injured by a vehicle at the Wimble St creek crossing, then a case for negligence might be made against the Mitchell Shire for failing to provide a safe pedestrian pathway.

Those Wimble St culverts should be removed, the road level raised 1m with a small but strong 8m single-span, concrete bridge including footbridge, constructed by locals and with 1m diameter secondary culverts along the causeway.

The matter ought to be attended to by Seymour-based, North Ward councillors.

It is not Mitchell Shire’s responsibility to carry the Rainbow banner, but it is the shire’s responsibility to ensure that safe town pathways are provided for pedestrians of all ages, ethnicities, creeds, ideologies, political persuasions, physiologies and intelligence.

— John J. Maher, Seymour

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