Sad to see park volunteers go

September 11, 2017

On the front page of last week’s Telegraph, we saw a magnificent picture with ‘GO LIONS!’ who did Seymour proud by winning.

But then we turn to page five and see the picture of Jock and Pam Marshall with the words ‘Booted out’ — a sad situation.

Jock and Pam were volunteers with many others who, as we read, brought Seymour’s Pioneer Park from a run-down cemetery to a fantastic standard they can be proud of. We have to remember they raised their own donations, and there were no grants from anywhere.

It irks me to think they toiled so hard, to then read the email that was sent to them and is one of insult in my opinion.

Why has it taken so long to let the volunteers know they are no longer needed?

I hope the Seymour Cemetery Trust, which has received funds to maintain the park, can keep up the standard that volunteers have succeeded in. We all hope the funds are spent wisely and every cent is made accountable by regular audits.

I always found in my 40 years of auditing for Defence at many bases, including interstate, that the petty cash accounts always caused problems as no receipts were kept.

As we have read, recently many politicians have been caught out on travelling expenses without receipts.

— Graham Palmer, Seymour

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